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Never has that been more true than when it comes to dating a bartender. The oh so hip, impeccably dressed god behind the stick. Full of sitting across the bar enjoying free libations, free appetizers, and meeting everyone under the sun. You’re tired of watching an endless rotation of potential competition flirt with your property.As much as you want to believe that love and understanding can overcome the lifestyle differences between an industry type (bartender, waitress, cook, etc) and a non-industry type (a nine-to-fiver), it simply can’t. You’re tired of not getting a date night on the weekends because they’re working. The Alternative Lifestyle “My mom kept asking me things like, ‘Well, what does he plan on doing with his life?Mostly other conniving bartenders, sketchy restaurant managers and drunken male patrons. “I believed everything she said and I never even thought she was capable of hurting me like that.I didn’t mind the long nights and she always came home to my bed.Rarely do you see a woman making 100k more than her man and both of them being perfectly content with it.“When she dumped me she claimed it was because I had no motivation, because I slept til 2 p.m. Most of the barmen (and bar-ladies) that I know actually want a long-lasting, monogamous relationship.The stigma that bartenders are players who aim for quantity over quality, except for the ones who are twenty five and younger, is generally not true.Just because we live an alternative lifestyle, a lifestyle that enables us the ability to meet many members of the opposite sex, does not mean that we don’t want that special someone to spend our alone time with, and unfortunately a great deal of the non-industry employed public finds this hard to believe.“You told me that you had to flirt, that it was part of your job.But you flirt with me the same way you would flirt with your customers, and it just became hard for me to swallow.

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